Ghana by Axel Aurejac – November 2021

During several weeks photographer
Axel Aurejac went for an adventure
to Ghana. This project reflects an 
artistic documentary style 
capturing the beauty of infinite 
colors and eclectic profiles and landscapes.

We organised a Live auction on the 11th of November 2021. All proceeds of this auction went to the NGO Floor Ghana
We would like to thank Marteen, Joshua, Jah Dem, Napoleon, Ayutalai, Jérémia, Isaac, Fossini, Abombiria, Zebary, Saïd, Maximus, Mubashiru, Morgan, Adugyamfi, Aizik, Humphrey, Isaacanang, Ganni & Mina who helped us realise these beautiful images.

People Of Paris by Axel Aurejac – March 2022

Parisian based photographer Axel Aurejac took us on a visual journey through the city of lights where he photgraphed local people and friends in their favourite neighboorhoods. 

Le Bonnet x Harrods – London 2020

We had the great opportunity to team up with one of our favourite department stores, Harrods London. We designed three unique color combinations for them. Pictures made by Ruben de Wilde Studios - Styled by Ferdi Sibbel. 

Le Bonnet x Eastpak – November 2020

We met up with the nostalgic but ever classic brand Eastpak and decided to do a collaboration. We both ooze durability and made a backpack and fanny pack together. Shot by Ruben de Wilde - Styled by Ferdi Sibbel.

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