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Le Bonnet’s kids wool beanies collection

Our kids beanie, the best kids beanie ever made by mankind, is made from soft lambswool and features the Caregora™ certificate. All of our Kids Beanies are sourced and manufactured in Scotland. it’s a thoughtful investment in your child’s warmth and comfort.

Wool beanies are essential for your little ones

As the winter winds start to nip, ensuring your child stays warm becomes important. Wool, a natural insulator, forms an ideal choice for beanies, cocooning your little one in unparalleled warmth during outdoor escapades.

Breathability for comfortable play

Unlike synthetic materials, wool boasts breathability, making it an excellent choice for active kids. The beanies allow air circulation, preventing overheating during playtime while maintaining a cozy warmth.

Moisture-wicking magic

Wool’s innate ability to wick away moisture is a game-changer. Le Bonnet’s Kids wool beanies keep your child’s head dry, eliminating discomfort even during snowy or rainy escapades.

Gentle softness against tender skin

Le Bonnet prioritizes comfort, ensuring that each beanie is not only warm but also exceptionally soft against your child’s delicate skin. No itchy sensations—just pure, plush comfort. Children, by nature, are boundlessly energetic. Le Bonnet’s beanies, crafted with the robustness of wool, endure the playful adventures of childhood, making them a durable and long-lasting accessory.

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